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(WAK - um)
Supporting homeless and needy people
in times of crisis.

Woodstock, Illinois




In the last fiscal year, WACM provided $45,282.02 to help the needy in our community.  We distributed $24,740 in food, $10,025 in clothing, $524 in utilities, $8480 in gasoline, $1444 in bus passes, and $427 in medical expenses.  On average WACM helps 120 children and 111 adults each month.  This year, we hope to raise even more money to help people struggling in our community!

Vision Statement
When people live in community, they share a responsibility to care for each other. Therefore, Woodstock Area Community Ministry was established to help those in the Woodstock area who find themselves in financial crisis. It is our purpose to create a system whereby resources can be used in an effective and accountable manner to help those in need while affirming the dignity and worth of each individual.

Mission Statement
The Mission of Woodstock Area Community Ministry is to generate leadership and resources to provide emergency assistance to homeless people within McHenry County, and to community members who are in financial crisis and reside within the boundaries of Woodstock School District #200.

Organization Status
Woodstock Area Community Ministry is incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois as a Not For Profit Corporation whose purposes are charitable and benevolent.

Membership is open to any organization, secular or faith-based, that adheres to the tenets presented in the WACM Vision and Mission statements. Membership requires that the organization contribute financially, and appoint two representatives to serve on the WACM Board of Directors.